Point Of Sales

Point Of Sales

Point of Sales System:

  • User-friendly entry screen.
  • The ability to control the appearance of the invoice entry screen at the level of each user.
  • The ability to recall the items in the invoice screen through main groups of items, then related groups linked to it, which contain the stock items with an image of the item. with the possibility of creating these groups in a separate way from the chart of items.
  • The ability to deal with item barcodes with the treatment of the difference of the barcode of the same item and unit due to the difference in the country of origin.
  • The possibility of creating a barcode for items that do not have a barcode.
  • Possibility of dealing with electronic scale items.
  • The ability to deal with the assembled items in the sales invoice.
  • The possibility of dealing with multiple payment methods for one bill (cash - visa - .....).
  • A flexible and accurate system for dealing with item offers (such as free items related to selling quantities of a specific item or group of different items, calculating discounts according to the quantity of a different item or group of items, and many other offers).
  • The possibility to print the QR-CODE of the invoice.
  • Integrated with the Electronic Receipt System of the Tax Authority in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and with the Electronic Invoice System of Zakat, Tax & Customs Authority in Saudi Arabia.
  • A tight control system for the cashier.
  • Tightly closing the cashier's safe, while tracking the transfer of the safe's balances, whether by depositing in the bank or depositing in the main treasury.
  • Dealing with transfers of goods between sales branches.
  • Processing the customers ' exchange and returns in a controlled manner that allows the recalculation of offers automatically to avoid manipulation.
  • The possibility of linking the return to the sales invoice.
  • Registering the customer's name and phone number in the sales invoice to benefit from it in sending marketing messages and to facilitate the recall of transactions for a specific customer.
  • Complete management of the inventory since the entry of the goods and their inventory and printing of various reports of the inventory.
  • An accurate up to date report on the level of profit and loss.
  • The ability to manage more than one bill at the same time.
  • Supports local and foreign currencies.
  • Generate many different reports to fit the user's needs to manage his organization.
  • Complete ease for the users in managing the system by granting the appropriate privileges to each user of the system.
  • Printing customers' cards containing their data, with their barcodes.
  • The system is integrated with the General Ledger System and Inventory Control System of Al Motakamel ERP.

Some of the Point of Sales System Reports:

  • Statistics on the total number of POS invoices divided by the day's shifts.
  • A report on today's sales divided by working hours (total sales per hour).
  • Statistics on sales, divided into internal departments, determine the percentage of sales of each department to the total.
  • Statistics on sales, divided into the internal departments, determine the sales percentage of each department to the total.
  • Sales comparison report for monthly periods and previous years.
  • Sales statistics at an aggregate level, such as the internal sections of the market, suppliers of items, and so on.
  • Comparison of POS sales and purchases at the level of periods.
  • Comparing branch revenues at the level of periods.
  • Safes' balances are divided according to the payment methods.
  • Statement of account for each safe.
  • Report on item sales analysis during special offers periods.
  • Analyzing item sales using the filtering coding system, which is different than item coding, allowing infinite flexibility for analysis.