About Us

Ofis Soft in numbers
+ 35 Years
+ 1200 Client
+ 200 K User
180 Employee
$8.5 M Yearly revenue

We propel businesses towards success by offering them optimal ERP software solutions.

OFIS SOFT is a first-rate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider in  Egypt, Gulf region and North  Africa established in Egypt in 1986. We propel businesses toward success by offering them optimal ERP software.

OFIS SOFT is the producer and the owner of ALMOTAKAMEL ERP which fits the Manufacturing and trading companies in the private sector for high and medium sizes.

Our work ethics, our skilled high-caliber team, and the manner we have conducted business over the past 35 years have earned us a solid reputation for efficiency, dedication, reliability, and transparency.

Thanks to these assets, we have secured ourselves a leading position in the ever-evolving ERP solutions market.

Our Vision and Mission
Our Vision
Our experiences qualify us to be a competitor for international ERP Software and we develop our clients by developing ourselves, make us updated with technologies, and hire a talented staff for services

Our Mission

Depending on our experiences we believe that we are able to offer a powerful ERP solution that fits the target market's regulations, cultures, users and managers .So we designed our Software and services with the Aim to offer excellent service to the client and implement our smart modules in the target Markets to be a good model and ideal reference for us in the Arab region.

Our core values

Customer satisfaction is our priority .We offer what is best for our clients precisely and timely. Reputation comes first; profit follows. We deliver on our promises. Entrepreneurs, not employees. We have a hierarchy, but we do not run a one-man show. Accuracy is not negotiable. This is our foundation for trust. Transparency is our cornerstone. We listen attentively and communicate clearly. Excellence is our standard .We do not compromise quality.

Quality assurance process

Ofis Soft is only as good as its last customer experience. we use four steps: Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA). Quality assurance for Ofis Soft relies on a strict definition of what is acceptable and not acceptable from a product or service. The main responsibility of Ofis Soft's success to make sure that every employee understands the quality definitions and how he/she is to make certain those standards are met. Improving Quality: The old expression, "There is always room for improvement," rings true when it comes to quality assurance. To keep our business on the cutting edge. Ofis Soft is always asking the question, "How can we make this better?" By tweaking the process here and there or by raising standards a small bit eac year. Our Customers will see our overall business quality improve to levels greater than they ever imagined.

Research and Development Process

Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process.It’s essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities which is transformed into new products, processes, and services.When Ofis Soft takes the time to invest in R&D it get a huge influx of knowledge. This is what makes Ofis Soft so amazingly successful. Although Research and Development takes a Long times , Uncertain outcomes ( there are always uncertainties about whether the product will meet the original brief and customer requirements) and Difficulties in anticipating how conditions will change in the market and whether customer needs will change during the long R&D process. But for Ofis Soft and their Customer gain considerable benefits from investing in research and development such as Unique products , Competitive advantage , Long lasting relation with our customers and ongoing research also leads to new opportunities .

Why Us

We are always on your side. We listen to you, study your business, diagnose your requirements, identify your challenges, and exceed your expectations. You are in safe hands. Our 30 years of accumulated experience and extensive expertise qualify us to find the best solution for your challenges regardless of your industry type. Our solutions have contributed to the progress of multiple fields such as engineering industries; plastics; foods and beverages ; pharmaceuticals; perfumes and cosmetics; chemicals and paints; printing and packaging ;textiles; electronics and communications ;real estate; agriculture and seeds; as well as fertilizers. We bring our skills to your door. Our staff conducts thorough analysis at your headquarters and examines your ongoing operations to adequately understand your challenges and realize your business goals. We adopt what is best for you.Borrowing from international standards, we have developed our own failure-proof implementation methodology that matches the needs of Arab customers. We are consultants. Not only do we provide solutions to the concerns you define, but also we recommend improvements to potential challenges that may not have caught your attention yet.We have your welfare at our heart. We provide you with adequate training .We also record and document our training sessions. With that done, you can save time and money spent in training your new employees. We are reliable and trust worthy, because we genuinely care about our customers ,we establish lasting relationships with them to secure their long-term success. We support them loyally and follow up with them closely even after the implementation phase.