Audit trail system

Audit trail system

Data Security and Control System:

  • Keeping a copy of all deleted documents with a recording of the name of the user who made the deletion and the date and time of the deletion.
  • Keeping the modified data details to be able to compare the current value and the modified value of any field in the document.
  • Recording the names of all users who made an entry, modification, or deletion of any document, along with recording the date and time of the procedure.
  • Keeps all data, whether deleted or modified, inside a database, which means that it cannot be erased automatically after a specified period or when a certain number of records are reached.
  • The possibility of selecting specific fields within the screens to monitor, such as monitoring the change in items, quantities, or prices in sales invoices, as an example, and not monitoring the change in the notes field in the invoice, and so on.
  • The possibility of excluding certain documents from the monitoring process so no records are kept while it is not useful to monitor its changes.
  • The possibility of keeping a backup copy of the details of the data was changed outside the databases to secure them.
  • The possibility of getting rid of data that the company may deem useless to keep after a certain date, but with procedures subjected to the privileges.