Approval Module

Approval Module

Approval System:

  • Flexibility in determining the requests and documents that require an approving cycle.
  • Dividing approval into types such as administrative approval, technical approval, and financial approval.
  • The possibility of setting special conditions, when they are available in the document, an additional appropriation is needed.
  • The sequence in the approval processes for requests and documents.
  • The possibility of specifying exceptional powers for the person who can approve the document without the need for other users.
  • Using the mobile phone to perform document approval processes.
  • The possibility of attaching any kind of attachment to the requests can be viewed before decision-making.
  • The possibility of setting conditions for documents and requests to appear for each decision-maker according to his powers.
  • The possibility of having an alternative employee who can approve the requests or documents in the absence of the authorized user.
  • and many more...