Al Motakamel Dashboard

Al Motakamel Dashboard

Dashboard System:

  • Graphical and interactive interface.
  • Drill down from the Summary of the analysis to a detailed analysis of the data 
    within the same dashboard on multiple levels.
  • Possibility of exporting any Dashboard to a file in the form of an image to use outside the program in meetings.
  • Possibility of exporting analytical data from inside the graphics to an Excel file.
  • Existence of determinations for data analysis elements for each dashboard, such as the periods, clients, representatives, specific items, and so on.
  • The ability to save an analysis element when displaying the dashboard (bookmark) for use at any time.
  • The existence of more than one analytical element in the same dashboard with different analyses, while displaying it could be affected by any choice made within any graph on any related element.
  • There is a wide range of ready-made dashboards that the customer can benefit from it from the first day.
  • The customer can design any additional number of dashboards using Qlik tools.