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Fleet Management System

Almotakamel ERP contains many important systems that help any facility to develop itself, and reach the success it seeks, most notably transport fleet management system, Which empowers the facility to follow up all the movement of their own transportation whether to transport goods or workers, To tighten its control over the maintenance, licenses, and functioning lines of their cars, and calculate the costs and its returns.

This system has proven its effectiveness because of its characteristics and advantages, including:

  • Record and update cars data such as: car file number – the car name - Plate Number - Chassis Number - car model – the car color – The name of the branch who own cars – car’s owner name – Carload (Whether it was weights or the number of people).
  • Record data for car maintenance such as: the end date of the form - Date of the periodic examination - Date of last examination - oil change date… etc.
  • Data vehicle license and insurance such as: insurance date – insurance type (Accident insurance – robbery insurance – fire insurance …)- insurance value - insurance premium value - the renewal date of the insurance policy – license value – license date… etc.
  • Specific data of cars value and its depreciation rates, such as: the date of vehicle purchase and its purchasing value - Last Date of car depreciation - And its carrying value …. Etc.
  • Follow up the functioning lines of the vehicle and determine its tasks.
  • Monitoring the car crashes and accident and its force degree, and identify the needs spare parts and its value in case the car needed to be repaired.
  • Record all data for each driver and have the ability to follow-up.
  • Record the fees of each car separately and its need of: fuel - Repair costs – oil – electricity - Governmental costs (infractions - fines – licenses)… etc.
  • Record creditors data:
    • Maintenance and repair centers.
    • Car Rental Centers: in case there is a shortage in cars number.
    • Other payables regular and traditional parties, such as auto loans.
  • Record goods data with the ability to select the task at the level of the car or the driver.
  • Ability to make request for cashing goods, and make a link with the stocks.
  • Fleet Management System integrate with other systems:
  • o Integrate with General Ledger system, and the possibility to download the cost centers.
    • Integrate with stocks system.
    • Integrate with Human Resource system.
    • Integrate with electronic alert system.
    • Integrate with report designer system.
  • Among the most important reports of the fleet management system for the facility:
  • Car data reports – driver data – car crashes data.
  • The walking line for each car.
  • Depreciation cars report.
  • Vehicle expenses report.
  • Drivers report for each car.
  • Irregularities car repot.
  • Report illustrates the use of the car on the driver level.
  • Time in hours to perform the task.
  • Reveal vehicle breakdowns and the frequency of crashes and its costs.
  • Statement of administrative sanctions for drivers.
  • Tasks report for each car and the extent of implementation, and the implementation period.
  • Report shows the route for each car.
  • Report of cost centers and profitability.
  • Report shows the goods distributed at the level of the car.

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