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Production Cost Accounting

“How much money?”

is a constant question that shapes your decision making: How much will the raw materials cost?

How much will the overall process cost?

How much profit will we make?

To answer your relevant series of questions, we have designed you a reliable companion that supports effective decision making.

Save Enormously:

A first step to saving is answering “how much did it cost?” as opposed to “how much should it cost?”

The Cost Accounting module puts you in position to take the right actions that save money, time, and effort, by:

  •  Calculating the cost of your manufacturing order, both the estimated standard and the actual.
  •  Analyzing the results and identifies any deviation from the standard costs.
  •  Reviewing the relevant data to determine the root causes of this deviation.

Price Competitively:

In today’s information-loaded market, to fail to price competitively is to fail utterly.

The Cost Accounting module supports your decision makers with the information that directs their decisions.

It helps answering questions such as:

is it possible to use cheaper raw materials without compromising the quality?

Will mass operation help save costs? It allows you to:

  •  Feed your module different values for your Bill of Material (BOM) and manufacturing route to reach a scenario that minimizes your costs and strikes a balance between an attractive price and optimalquality.
  •  Explore your options thoroughly to arrive at a competitive price that brings you both profit and customer satisfaction.

Decide Wisely:

Untapped energy can threaten your budget, especially when you are following a make-to-order policy.

If your manufacturing orders do not cover your operating expenses, then something must be wrong.

Charging higher prices for your products is not the wisest solution.

The Cost Accounting module will guide you with reports on the source and cost of your untapped energy so that you can address the root causes and decide upon the proper solution.

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