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Preventive Maintenance System [PM]

Manufacturers know the cost of machine breakdown:

it wastes time; disrupts the production schedules; and slows down the production process.

To save you from this close call with failure, we have designed the Preventive Maintenance module.

Maintain Proactively:

Discover problems before they explode.

Preventive maintenance is a proactive measure that wards off unexpected machine break down by running scheduled maintenance while the machines are still operant.

  •  Employ the features of the Preventive Maintenance module to schedule for time-based, meter-based, or counter-based machine inspection.
  •  Depending on the inspection results, schedule for machines’ preventive maintenance.

Maintain Productively:

Maintain your machines and your production.

With the help of the Preventive Maintenance module, improve your machine reliability without interrupting your production process.

  •  Assess your maintenance schedule in light of your planned manufacturing orders.
  •  Plan for new orders with the preventive maintenance schedules in mind.
  •  Space your production process stages according to the availability of your machines, and secure alternative production lines to replace those undergoing maintenance.

Maintain Economically:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; and it applies to your machines.

As the Preventive Maintenance module enables you to monitor your machine performance, it facilitates early detection and treatment of maintenance problems, which:

  •  Reduces machine downtime.
  •  Minimizes repair costs to a minimum level.
  •  Enhances machine performance.

End result: a decrease in expenses and an increase in profit.


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