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Al Motakamel’s ERP manufacturing suite manages the organizations’ internal and external manufacturing requirements to be able to deliver greater value-added services to their customers.

The flexible functionality of our modules provides complicated, yet easy-to-use, solution that supports planning, implementation, control, and analysis in all phases of the manufacturing process.
As a manufacturer, arming yourself with accurate and up-to-date information about your warehouse; production capacity; actual and desirable performance levels; resource availability and utilization; as well as targeted productivity and quality is a surefire way to excellence.

We Answer Your Essential Questions

Do I have the resources required for the coming production order?

Manage your warehouse stock and identify your production capacity. Review your bill of materials (BOM), then check the availability of raw materials stored in your warehouse or scheduled to be received. The Manufacturing Suite will also alert you to any shortage of materials that are required for your new production order.

When can I deliver the products to my customer?

Take informed production planning decisions and satisfy your customers with an accurate promise date. Before you start planning for new orders ,along with other multiple orders being processed, draw a number of what-if manufacturing scenarios that integrate information on raw materials and production lines availability. Experiment; change your parameters; and apply the approved scenario data to issue an accurate promise date to your customer.

How can I overcome resources waste?

Ensure full utilization of your resources according to your warehouse status, production plans, and promise dates. The Manufacturing Suite guides you to efficiently employ the available resources and calculates the right time for raw material purchase. This entails wiser cash and warehouse storage capacity management. Ensure full utilization of your machines by keeping them in perfect conditions. Run preventive maintenance on your operant machines to eliminate any chances of unexpected breakdown and maximize the machines reliability. Preventive maintenance allows you to save enormously, in terms of money, time, and also raw materials.

How can I enjoy sustainable success?

High quality plus competitive pricing plus accurate delivery dates build customer satisfaction. Follow this equation every time to sustain remarkable success .

With the help of the Manufacturing Suite, you can:

  •  Monitor your shop floor and your production processes regularly to apply
  • control strategies on the level of raw materials, resources, and assembly lines. Calculate standard and actual values for the quantities and costs of
  • resources consumed. Analyze any deviations from the standard values and take proper corrective
  • actions. Manage your quality effectively to yield high levels of performance and
  • excellent products.

Against what measures shall I price my products?

Price competitively and effectively, every time. The Manufacturing Suite calculates standard and actual costs for your products before manufacturing them. You can experiment with different values for your Bill of Material (BOM)and manufacturing route until you reach the best balance between cost and quality. Accurate pricing information maintains your success in a highly-competitive transparent market where overpricing cannot go unnoticed.

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